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sPONSORS for 2019

Liting Lim
Melissa Ong
Mengfai Chan
Monica Tung
Pamela Goh
Peiling Ho
Peng Mun Chan
Ravin Periasamy
Run’er Lin
Sinyee Yap
Tiongjin Goh
Wanting Yeo
Wee Hoe Gan
Weibin Zhang
Weien Chow
Weijie Beh
Wenqi Ho
Yankai Liu
Yoke Kheng Cheong

Alma Yong
Andrew Chua
Andrew Tan
Benjamin Tan
David Zhao
Debby Lim
Dennis Foo
Enyi Wang
Fabian Yeo
Florence Lee
Gerard Nah
Hanzhong Xing
Hock Sing Ng
Huiting Ng
Jing Hui Teh
Karen Chiang
Kenny Koo
Lee Lee Ong